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According to the Ministry of Health, 3 of each 10 adults do not consume the daily minimum amount of vegetables or, which is the same, to arrive at the 400 daily grams from fruits and recommendable vegetables by the World health organization (the WHO).

By virtue of this, the great amount of diseases associated to a low consumption of fiber and vitamins of vegetal origin is indecipherable, and not always time or lack of imagination in the food is due to the lack of flavor of these products but to the lack of.

We got help from Hosting company to publish this Web so you will find all prescription type of meats, fish, vegetables and appetizer looking for the maximum nutritional advantage and the most healthful lifestyle through the feeding. 

What desires to you to cook today?

Appetizer and snacks

Category aperitive and snack

Previous entrants and to the main food and simple prescriptions to make stomach.

Creams and soups

Category vegetable cream

Cream prescriptions of vegetables, soups of chicken, fish and all type of ingredients.

Fish and seafood

Category prescriptions fished

Prescriptions with fish and seafood as main ingredient. 

Desserts and candies

Category last

The later candies, cakes and all pleasures to the main food. 

Vegetables and mushrooms

Category prescriptions vegetables

Prescriptions of vegetables roasted, fried or cooked and mushrooms and fungi foods. 

Stews and soups

Category prescriptions stews

Stews and soups of great elaboration with mixture of different ingredients.


Category prescriptions rice

The rice as main base for the creation of paellas and caldosos rice.

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