Prescription of stewed carrots

Prescription of stewed carrots

He is always recommendable to increase the ingestion of rich fiber foods, low proteins and in fat. For that reason, many vegetables and vegetables must comprise of our nutritional habit. In this case, we have wanted to teach this fantastic prescription to you of stewed carrots, to whom we incorporated a little white wine to increase the flavor and€¦ To read more

Broth of canary fish: it prescribes spectacular

Prescription of canary broth of fish

The broth of canary fish constitutes one of main historical prescriptions all the Canary Islands. Given the great facility to obtain fish and vegetables of quality, the canary archipelago can delight to us with so characteristic and rich plates as this.

By the duration of the preparation and that at first seems complicated this prescription, in fact its preparation is even rather simple and it does not require cooking abilities even to do it. Only time and much affection so that all the foods cook slowly. 

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