How to prepare jam of green peppers

Jam prescription of green peppers

The jam is a very flavorful complement nutritional, but that we must introduce in our diet with moderation (by its sugar content).

More and more those are being put fashionable that use vegetables and vegetables, especially to accompany to cheeses and other plates. It is the case of the jam of green peppers, that contributes a characteristic flavor, not so pronounced as the one of red peppers, and that cheese type fits very or yet (as the one of goat or the fresh cheese).

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How to prepare the original soup of galleys

Prescription of soup of galleys
A classic prescription special Andalusian for the celebrations of Christmas is the soup of galleys. At this time it is time of this rich crustacean that has little meat but that it leaves to plates of soups and sauces an excellent flavor and as it bases for bottom.

The prescription of soup of galleys comprises of the gastronomical patrimony of Cadiz and it is possible to be used as unique plate by the variety of ingredients that contains.

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Prescription of fish to the Portuguese

Prescription of fish to the Portuguese

The Portuguese kitchen emphasizes, without doubt, by riqu­simas elaborations with fish. To emphasize, its fabulous prepared codfish of different ways. In this case, we want to you to present a fantastic prescription of fish to the Portuguese. Very easy to prepare and with highest quality to delight to your friendly or relatives. In€¦ Reading more

Stew prescription of choupa or squid (Gallego cooks)

Stew of choupa

The prescription stew of choupa that today we add to our Web is very well-known in the Galician coast, where it has followed during years participating in the local gastronomy.

Choupa or squid, as it is known in other zones, is a well-known and economic ingredient that can be bought in almost all the fish markets and supermarkets. Its flavor is very nice and perfectly fits with reduced vegetables and creams.

It is a source of nutrients between which they emphasize proteins and minerals as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Low in fats and with low caloric contribution.

You want to know how prepares this stew of choupa or squid? Ahead!

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