Broth of canary fish: it prescribes spectacular

The broth of canary fish constitutes one of main historical prescriptions all the Canary Islands. Given the great facility to obtain fish and vegetables of quality, the canary archipelago can delight to us with so characteristic and rich plates as this.

By the duration of the preparation and that at first seems complicated this prescription, in fact its preparation is even rather simple and it does not require cooking abilities even to do it. Only time and much affection so that all the foods cook slowly. 

He is traditional in the Canary Islands to accompany to the broth by canary fish with the well-known gofio scalded, prescription that also we contributed for the final execution is complete.

Thus the traditional broth of canary fish along with gofio is prepared scalded canary. Ahead!

🐟 used Ingredients

  • Prescription for 4 people
  • Preparation: 1h and 30 minutes
  • Difficulty: low

What ingredients we have used to prepare the broth of canary fish?

Elaboration of the broth of canary fish step by step

Broth of canary fish

Step 1

In order to initiate the prescription of the canary broth of fish, we add oil to pot or kettle with oil and we put it to average fire until it begins to bubble.

Once it warms up, first of everything it will be to fry the onion that we will have itched previously, along with the green pepper also divided and the tomato.

While it is to saut©, in a traditional mortar we crushed bare garlic and we add the rest of spices, as comibo, coriander, the chilli and salt.

The bite we add it to the onion and the pepper that is to saut© themselves.

Step 2

Once it is to saut© all the previous ingredients, we add bare and cut potatoes in 2. We add water until covering all the ingredients and doubled this amount of water.

Step 3

We add the head of the fish, the colouring sazonador or and salt and pepper. We cooked it everything to untimed fire until the potatoes well are cooked.

Step 4

When the potatoes already absolutely are cooked, it is the moment for adding the fish previously cut in slices. We will let it cook until well it is boiled. At this moment we will prove the flavor of our broth of canary fish to verify that it is of salt and pepper well. We can add more coriander if it is necessary.

Step 5

When we see that the fish slices well are cooked, we separated from the fire. This broth can be useful to make a soup, to which we can introduce mint or prepare good gofio scalded of the Canary Islands.

To prepare gofio canary

In order to prepare gofio canary that we will add to our canary soup of fish, we mixed 250 grams of gofio by each liter of fish soup, along with mint. We beat or to avoid that grumos form or thickens in excess, until a homogenous cream forms.

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