How to prepare cauliflower white sauce

The use of the white sauce in the kitchen is a classic one of all the white sauce prescriptions.

Its origin is French, although at the moment it is of preparation and world-wide use. It is common to see use it in Italian plates where it is used for gratinar different prescriptions from lasagnas or cannelloni.

What it emphasizes more the cauliflower white sauce is the smooth flavor (that occurs it this rich vegetable of the family of the cruc­feras) and its cremosidad. Although also we can find it packaged, is not nothing equal with which we can prepare.

The original prescription of white sauce is compound than it is known as roux, mixture of butter and flour, to which little by little it is added whole or semi-skimmed milk to him.

In order to avoid the use of so many fats of origin animal, a alterantiva can be the cauliflower white sauce, where they are replaced by healthier foods and than they contribute to essential vitamins and minerals to us.

This way we avoided the use of milky and products refinings. A prescription of white sauce of cauliflower apt for even veganos vegetarians and.

To prepare the original white sauce is simple if we have the clear steps

Really. To prepare the white sauce prescription is very simple, but it is necessary to take truquillo to him from the first moment.

In order to avoid the separation of the ingredients it is necessary to control the temperature and the anxious good. In addition, with the prescription of cauliflower white sauce the steps are simpler, since the mixture is realised of faster form. You will already see it.

We are going to know the steps to follow to prepare this fabulous prescription.

Used ingredients

Prescription for 4 people.

  • 500 gr. of cauliflower, clearing the green part (only the head)
  • 4 onions of so large or half small
  • 200 ml of vegetal milk
  • Salt, pepper and nut nutmeg to the pleasure

Option as complement

To mix with a few bare almonds.

How to prepare the cauliflower white sauce

Preparation of cauliflower white sauce

We are going to see the steps follow to less than prepare the white sauce of cauliflower in 30 minutes.

First of everything, we peeled the onion and we separated of the skin. We cut in small pieces and the pochamos in a frying pan with a little olive oil and salt.

In a pot with water and salt, we cook cauliflower during approximately 20 minutes. We will verify that he is perfect of baking puncturing it with a possesor.

When cauliflower is cooked, we beat, adding it vegetal milk slowly. More speed or less according to the final texture that we wish. The ideal for the cauliflower white sauce is that he is something thickens. Otherwise it will be almost as a puree with vegetables.

Right in full stop of the crushing, we verified the flavor and we add salt, pepper and nut nutmeg to the pleasure.

If we want, being optional, we can add 3 or 4 bare and crude almonds to crush. It will add more flavor to him to the white sauce with cauliflower and will increase its viscosity.

Tricks to prepare the best homemade white sauce

To find the optimal point between the flour and milk

The perfect preparation of roux is to find the exact amount of flour and milk in the mixture. In this way major or minor will be obtained thickness.

To prepare roux with temperate milk

When being temperate milk, the solubility increases and the number of grumos will be reduced that form when mixing themselves with the flour. He is better to be adding milk temperate little by little.

To remove and untimed fire constantly

To use some metallic rods mixes it and to have the very slow fire. Thus we will avoid that the base is burned and ruins the flavor of all the white sauce.

With the ideal consistency, it will be the moment for adding to salt and pepper to the pleasure. To the white sauce of cauliflower and the original prescription it feels the nut very well to him nutmeg, but without going!

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