How to prepare lasagna without white sauce

The lasagna is a very famous plate of the Italian kitchen that offers very many variations of ingredients. We find the traditional lasagna of meat and the one of mixed vegetables or. Nevertheless, given the present nourishing allergies, also the possibility is offered to cooking lasagna without white sauce, avoiding to take milk for the allergic ones to the lactose. Nevertheless, also it is possible to be chosen to prepare the white sauce with milk without lactose.

Everything will depend on the tastes of the consumer, although we offer the version of lasagna without white sauce here.

Ingredients to use

Prescription for 4 people

  • 400 g of minced meat of calf
  • 1 kg of red tomatos
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 onion
  • 1 package of precooked mass (lasagna)
  • 1 shredded cheese envelope
  • 2 teeth of garlic
  • Black pepper
  • Salt
  • Extra virgin olive oil

How to prepare the lasagna without white sauce

Prescription of lasagna without white sauce

Step 1: preparation of vegetables

The first of everything when home our prescription of lasagna without white sauce is to wash and to cut all the vegetables. We begin by the tomato, which we will shred it in a deep plate and we will reserve. Ten in account that also you can use boat tomato, according to the haste that you have.

We mince the onion in small pieces and we to saut© it in frying pan with a little oil. We do the same with the red pepper and the green pepper, in finite swearwords. We can cook simultaneously these three ingredients, to make agile the time.

When the vegetables are almost ready, we add the shredded tomato and we cooked to untimed fire all the ingredients during 20 minutes. 

Step 2: to cook the perforated meat

Spent the 20 previous minutes, it is the moment for adding to to saut© one to the perforated meat. One will cook slowly along with the rest of ingredients, until we see that it has the color characteristic of the cooked meat.

Step 3: preparation of the lasagna

While the meat is become to untimed fire, we add to butter or butter to the mold, to avoid that the bottom of the lasagna without white sauce remains patch to the mold.

We create the base with the precooked mass that we have bought. We cover all the base with to saut© one and placed a new layer of mold. We make the same step again and we return to cover with the last layer of mass.

The recommendable thing is a single layer of intermediate mass and 2 layers of to saut© of vegetables and perforated meat.

The layer superior we covered it with the shredded cheese that we have bought, being recommendable to use the one of mozzarella.

Step 4: baked final

Before finishing mounting the different layers, he is advisable to ignite the 180 furnace and to preheat it to ºC.

When we have mounted the lasagna without to have used white sauce, we introduce the prescription during 30 minutes. Passed this time, we valued if the mass sufficiently is baked and the cheese totally fused.

As the lasagna is a plate that stores the heat very well, he is recommendable to let rest a minimum of 5 minutes before tasting.

Already we would have it list!

Note: if you are allergic to the lactose and for that reason nontakings white sauce, here you have a prescription with white sauce of totally vegetal cauliflower.

The origin of the lasagna

The bolonian lasagna is a typical plate of Italy, of the city that lodges its name, Bologna. Documentation of this preparation of vegetables, meat and mass of flour exists from century XIV.

The term lasagna comes from the word griegao €œlasagnum€, making reference to the plate that was used basic for plates that took to meat and vegetables. The Romans used this plate for prescription multitude, although especially to which they prepared with several layers of flour and different ingredients. From the plate lasagna was born the concept of the denominated prescription.

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