Nachos with cheese and guacamole: it prescribes premium

The nachos with cheese and guacamole are a classic one for when we want a thematic dinner or to even sit down to see our favorite series. A traditional prescription of Mexico that we can at home prepare easily with the help of a furnace and a few ingredients.

It will surprise the facility to you of his preparation and the low cost. She is so simple to prepare that soon it surprises the price to us that costs to us when we requested it in a bar. In addition, if we played with different cheese types, according to our tastes, can obtain very interesting combinations and flavors.

As you already know, the prescription of nachos with cheese and guacamole can undergo million variations, so we invited to you to that you prepare it to your image and similarity. For example, we like to add to a little Chile Mexican and other vegetables as green and red pepper and onion.

In many cases, the nachos also take meat. Nevertheless, in this prescription we have wanted to do without its use to give more importance him to the flavor of guacamole homemade and the cheese.


With a stock market of nachos that we can buy in any supermarket, we have for 3 or 4 people if we used this prescription as support.

Time of preparation: 30 minutes

Difficulty: very easy

  • Stock market of classic nachos
  • Mixture of 4 cheeses to fuse

For guacamole:

  • 3 mature medium avocados
  • ¼ of onion
  • 2 tomatos
  • 3 Mexican chili peppers
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 spoonful of olive oil
  • Coriander
  • Salt

How to prepare the nachos with cheese and guacamole

Before preparing guacamole homemade and to optimize the prescription, first of everything is to ignite the furnace to 160-180 ºC and to preheat.

Immediately we will put ourselves with the preparation of guacamole. The cheeses we will reserve them at the moment. If we already bought a prepared cheese mixture, as usually it is sold, we do not have to carry out no additional work.

Also you can unite several cheeses that are easy to fuse looking for your perfect combination for the nachos with cheese.

Preparation of guacamole

Preparation of guacamole for the nachos

First of everything it is to peel the avocados, clearing the skin and the tip that goes united to the skin.

We cut the onion in the possible finest parts. If we want, we can use the crushing machine, but to make a more homemade style, better to do it by hand.

We do the same with the tomato, using for it a knife very sharpened that allows us to win in effectiveness.

We prick the pepper or chili peppers (these last ones are optional).

The secret of the preparation of the avocado consists of crushing with a possesor the avocado, with much patience, until it is a fine texture, but not excessively crushed.

We mix the rest of ingredients and we ripened to the taste, adding the minced coriander, olive oil and rest of ingredients.

To unite the mixture of ingredients

Once we have guacamole preparation, is moment for adding several layers of the cheese mixture to the nachos, so that it does not only remain the cheese in the surface. We cover well with the ingredients and we introduce in the furnace.

In less than 10 minutes we will have all the ready processed cheese and to remove.

We place guacamole already preparation in a container and the mixture with the nachos with cheese is left to election of consuming.

Additional advice

One of the main bases of the plate of nachos with cheese and guacamole is the election of the nachos or totopos, as it is known in other countries.

The majority of the nachos that we can buy is very fine, and is something that we must avoid so that they are not broken to us continuously when we try to take the ingredients.

For this reason, it is important search the heaviest totopos.

The main problem of the nachos with cheese and guacamole is that usually it adds to the cheese and guacamole in the layers of above of the nachos, reason why in the majority of times, the nachos of down are without no sauce type and loses the grace.

The ideal is to add the cheese by layers, so that it will be melted and forming several levels of nachos with the distributed good processed cheese.

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