How to prepare jam of green peppers

The jam is a very flavorful complement nutritional, but that we must introduce in our diet with moderation (by its sugar content).

More and more those are being put fashionable that use vegetables and vegetables, especially to accompany to cheeses and other plates. It is the case of the jam of green peppers, that contributes a characteristic flavor, not so pronounced as the one of red peppers, and that cheese type fits very or yet (as the one of goat or the fresh cheese).

In this article we are going to teach to you to prepare the fantastic jam prescription with peppers of green color, of fast and simple preparation and conservation in the long term.

As addition, we are going to use the smaller amount of possible sugar, but without it to cause that the jam is not sufficiently flavorful.

Used ingredients

  • 500 g of green pepper
  • 200 sugar g
  • 4 salt g
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Worn out pepper

How to prepare the jam of green peppers

Step 1: to cut the green peppers

The first step to prepare our jam is to wash the peppers and to clear the tip to him. Once fact this, we cut them in small dices, the style brunoise.

Step 2: to cook the peppers and the rest of ingredients

In a frying pan, we add a little oil and we sealed them during some minutes. When we see that there are lost a little the more tender hardness and they become something, we add to the sugar and a little black pepper (this ingredient is optional following if you like the sharp flavor more or less).

We cook to untimed fire until securing to a homogenous mixture of the ingredients and the wished thickness. If we want a little more consistency, we cooked some minutes more.

Preparation in Thermomix

If you have the luck of being able to enjoy the Thermomix foot processor, to prepare the jam of peppers is still more simple if it fits, since this equipment does practically everything.

As in the previous case, we crushed the peppers during 10 seconds, speed 7.

We add to the sugar and the pepper, we programmed Varoma temperature during 20 minutes, and speed spoon.

Passed those 20 minutes, already we will have the jam of green peppers lists. Apartams and we let cool.

It is possible to realise it without sugar?

Yes. Nevertheless, the main problem is that it changes the texture completely (and a little the flavor). This ingredient causes that it has the common aspect of the jam, but we want to coexist with that for our health, we will not have no problem in replacing it.

For it, we must add a liquid sweetener. The amount will depend on the used type. In the majority of labels of these products they say the amount to us that there is to contribute to replace 1 spoonful of sugar.

By normal general, we can replace the 300 grams of sugar by 3 ml of liquid sweetener. It is question to prove the jam of green peppers once is finished and correcting in case we have remained short.

Nutritional composition

Since we have commented to you, we have tried to make the prescription with the smaller possible amount of sugar. According to you prove it, if we needed something more, you can raise until the 300 grams of sugar. On the contrary, already we know that we do not have to abuse this ingredient.

We see what it contributes 100 grams to us of this jam:

Energy: 138 kcal

Carbohydrates: 32 g (97% CDR)

Proteins: 1 g (3% CDR)

In order to burn these calories, we needed to realise the following activities:

  • 21 minutes of cycling with the bicycle.
  • 14 minutes to run at average speed.

It lets a commentary