How to prepare the original soup of galleys

A classic prescription special Andalusian for the celebrations of Christmas is the soup of galleys. At this time it is time of this rich crustacean that has little meat but that it leaves to plates of soups and sauces an excellent flavor and as it bases for bottom.

The prescription of soup of galleys comprises of the gastronomical patrimony of Cadiz and it is possible to be used as unique plate by the variety of ingredients that contains.

Used ingredients

We see what we needed to prepare ours riqu­sima soup of galleys.

  • 1/2 kilo of galleys
  • 1 onion
  • 1 red pepper
  • 2 mature tomatos
  • 2 teeth of garlic
  • Hardened bread of several days
  • Extra virgin olive oil (120 ml or 4 spoonfuls)
  • Salt and pepper to the pleasure

How to prepare the prescription of soup of galleys

How to prepare soup of galleys

In order to cook the soup of galleys, we are going at great length to follow the passages of the prescription. Ten in account that in this case we did not even need an exact measurement the ingredients or you can change them by which they desire to you, unlike which happens in confectioner's, where there is to be very fine.

Step 1: preparation of the vegetable

The initial step of the prescription of soup of galleys is to prepare vegetables. After washing them and eliminating any dirt or rest of earth, we pricked them in pieces small or cuadraditos.

We begin with the tomato, we followed with the red pepper, the onion and finally the garlic teeth. We do not forget to ripen properly.

When we already have all the cut vegetable, we warmed up in a frying pan with bottom and the oil, and we to saut© it slowly, avoiding that burn garlic.

Once we have all to saut© verduritas or, we passed them through a beater or foot processor to have a final cream.

Step 2: preparation of the galleys

Having ready vegetables, we focused in the galleys. The first step is to cook them with water and salt. You do not throw the water with salt, since we will be able to take advantage of to bind it the final sauce.

Once cooked, we peeled and we reserved them the meat. The rest, we will use it to make the bottom of the soup. With a mortar, we can crush the head and the shell to remove more juice to the delicious galleys.

Step 3: mixture of ingredients

Already having the cream of verduritas, the bottom of the broth of galleys and the meat of them resservada, is the moment for uniting all the ingredients and for forming a final prescription.

Previously, we will use the bread cutting it in fine slices, that we will introduce at heart of the broth of galleys. In order to cook this prescription, he is traditional to use a mud casserole, as also usually one becomes with other preparations with fish, as the Zarzuela.

In the casserole, we mixed the bottom of the galleys, the bread and to saut© one of vegetables, and cooked until it breaks to boil.

When we see that the soup of galleys well is integrated and list to serve, we add the meat of the galleys. We try to see if it is in the point of salt and pepper and corrected in necessary case.

Our soup of galleys will be ready to serve!

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