Prescription of fish to the Portuguese

The Portuguese kitchen emphasizes, without doubt, by riqu­simas elaborations with fish. To emphasize, its fabulous prepared codfish of different ways. In this case, we want to you to present a fantastic prescription of fish to the Portuguese.

Very easy to prepare and with highest quality to delight to your friendly or relatives.

In our prescription we are going to use hake, but you can choose to choose the fish that more interests to you and to replace it, as corvina, codfish, mere, fillet of rooster, etc.

Ingredients used for the fish to the Portuguese

We are going to see what we needed for the prescription fish the Portuguese.

Prescription for 3 people

  • Three fillets of hake, although you can use other fish.
  • 1/2 red pepper.
  • 1/2 green pepper.
  • 1 onion.
  • 2 teeth of garlic.
  • Crushed natural tomato (1 boat).
  • Peas bark (small)
  • Species as pepper, chilli, laurel and thyme.
  • White wine.
  • A little flour.
  • Olive oil.
  • Salt to the pleasure.

How to prepare the traditional fish to the Portuguese


We begin to prepare vegetables for our prescription of fish to the Portuguese.  We mince in small pieces garlic, the onion, the red pepper and the green one.

ingredients fished to the Portuguese


The second passage of our fish to the Portuguese is the following one. Once we have cut vegetables, we add a little oil to the frying pan and, to average fire, we firstly add sliced garlic.

When a little have been gilded, we add next to the onion and the pochamos.

When it has taken an aspect slightly golden, we add remaining vegetables (the red pepper and the green one). Salamos.

When they are a little more tender by the baking, we add a spoonful of coffee of red chilli, the laurel and the thyme.  We also add a little white wine, raising the fire so that the alcohol is consumed quickly.

We add the fried tomato and we remove or to cover all the ingredients, verified that it is or of flavor and corrected adding to a little more salt or pepper.

We leave at least 5 minutes more to average fire so that the water is reduced that contains the crushed tomato. Once ready, we separated.

passages for the prescription of fish to the Portuguese


Now it is the moment for preparing the fish to the Portuguese, to whom rebozaremos slightly with the flour.

The ideal is not to cut to the fish, conserving the ration for each of the most intact way. There is no problem if by comfort you prefer to cut it in smaller rations.

Once clean the fish, we slightly passed it through flour and we incorporated it to vegetables and the cooked to saut© one already. Without giving the return to the fish to the Portuguese, we cooked to average fire during 10 minutes.

Just before giving the return, we add the peas him, previously narrow-hipped. We leave cooks about 10 minutes plus the fish on the other returned, assuring us that the ingredients to the frying pan do not stick.

Other supports

The fish to the Portuguese can accompany itself by a chips trimming, to the furnace or cooked. The Portuguese traditional kitchen uses much the cooked potatoes, that can even be taken with the skin.

We warmly recommend to use bread to sopar, since the sauce is best.

That is useful!

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