Pulpits to the plate: it prescribes flavorful and easy

This prescription of pulpits to the plate combines the best thing than it offers the sea to us with fresh ingredients. A fast and comfortable preparation to realise, that in a few minutes we can have a ready plate of category in the table.

The pulpits every time are putting fashionable, since they do not need as much cleaning, being useful only the tentacles, that usually are always tender.

Used ingredients

Prescription for 4 people:

  • Chilli (optional)

How to prepare the pulpits to the plate

Preparation of pulpits to the plate

First of everything it is to have the clean pulpits. For this prescription, the head takes off and the tentacles only take advantage. If you prefer it and you want to take advantage of the head, then we will have to by hand clear the tip and the eyes.

Once clean the pulpits, we let slip and we prepared the parsley. We will have it to divide in small small pieces, with the help of a sharpened knife and a wood base.

We just a little bit prepare a species of sauce or gravy covering the parsley pricked with extra virgin salt and olive oil. We mix the ingredients well and we return with the pulpits. To this mixture something of crushed garlic can be added to him so that it releases all their flavor.

We warm up a plate or frying pan. Generally, we will not need much oil, reason why better not to abuse. They will leave much more healthful and crisp.

When the plate has temperature, we add the pulpits and we fried until the legs are well crisp. In the final minutes, we add the sauce that previously there are preparation.

Advice to clean the squid well

How to prepare pulpits to the plate

Although the pulpits to the plate are very easy to clean since we rejected the head, in other cases where we want to take advantage of more parts, we are going to give a series to you of advice practical to clean the squid of the correct way.

First of everything it is to wash the squid well, underneath the water faucet. Thus we will eliminate any organic rest that can contain.

In order to clean the head of the squid, we must eliminate the parts nonfoods of the same. In this case, we spoke of the mouth and the eyes, stock-market of red and the internal organs.

Before cooking it in a pot, for his baking, usually one strikes the tentacles with a mace to break the fibers and that are softer.

Another technique very used by the Galician cooks is the one €œto scare it€. This method consists of introducing it in the boiling pot and removing it quickly, a few times.

The abrupt changes of temperature eliminate the collagen, causing that the meat is softer.

Support of the plate

The pulpits to the plate fit perfectly with any type of potato preparation. Or potato puree, fried or cooked, to which a little chilli, lemon or pepper can be added to him.

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