Which is the time of baking of ca±a­llas?

This mollusc known as ca±ailla or ca±adilla, is of habitual consumption in many coastal zones of the Mediterranean has a very simple preparation and a quite fast process of baking.

Because it is of small size, the meat contained inside the shell is little and requires just a short time of baking

Elaboration and time of baking of ca±a­llas

Used ingredients

  • Ca±a­llas
  • Water
  • Salt

According to the amount of ca±a­llas that you are going to cook, you will need as much water as to cover all the molluscs completely. The amount of salt also is measured and you the tenth ones next.

Step to follow

  1. Minimum one hour before home to cook ca±a­llas, we placed them in a container with cold water and a little salt. Later, we passed them, one to one, by the cold water spurt to clean them and to eliminate rest of sand residues that can have.
  2. In a pot, we placed ca±a­llas and we completely covered them with water. The suitable amount of salt is of 70 g by liter of water.
  3. The time of baking of ca±a­llas is of 12 minutes to strong fire.
  4. It extinguishes the fire, it strains the water and will be ready to eat.

What are exactly ca±a­llas?

Ca±a­llas is a type of seafood enough known in the coastal scope of Andalusia, since this mollusc lives of way frequents the Mediterranean Sea. It is considered as uni-valve molluscs or also known as gaster³podo. In the local gastronomy it is known as sea snail.

The aspect of ca±a­lla is intriguing and showy, since it is formed by a resistant shell with a color between yellowish target and, with an end finished in the end (sifonal channel). At gastronomical level, it tastes deep salty of sea, seemed to other molluscs, although without an intense and permanent flavor in the palate.

How eat do ca±a­llas?

An important part is to know how they eat, since if we do not have experience eating terrestrial snails, it is going to us to cost a little.

In the bars and restaurants of the coast Andalusian, he is very habitual who offers ca±a­llas to you cooked with small sticks or thorns. With them, it is introduced in the sifonal channel and the meat is extracted, retiring a well-known protective part as operculum.

Much people accompany to this seafood with lemon, as also she takes control of oysters and clams.

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