How to prepare mere the sailor

The prescription of mere to the sailor is a plate very attractive appellant and, that we can practically enjoy him throughout the year.  As well, also it is possible to be prepared in distinguished dinners, as those of Christmas, since the mere one has great an attractiveness by its grastron³micas qualities.

In this prescription to the sailor we have wanted to use traditional ingredients of the traditional sauce, as onion, peas, clams, prawns, tomato and garlic.

Used ingredients

For 2 rations of mere to the sailor

  • 2 medium fillets of mere
  • 200 g of clams
  • 10 small prawns
  • 100 g of peas
  • 1 onion
  • 3 garlic
  • 4 spoonfuls fried tomato
  • Perforated parsley
  • 2 leaves laurel
  • Harina
  • Pepper
  • Salt to the pleasure

How to prepare mere the sailor

Step 1: to cook the mere one with a little flour

The first step of our prescription of mere to the sailor is to seal fillets of fish with a little flour.

Step 2: to pochar vegetables

As well, in another frying pan, we cut in very small pieces the onion and pochamos along with garlic, that we will have laminated previously.

When they begin to take golden tones, we add the fried tomato, the peas, the laurel and salpimentamos to our pleasure.

Step 3: to prepare I smoked

Using the heads of the prawns and the skin once we are them bare, will have left ourselves sufficient amount to do I smoked of fish.

We reserve a glass of this I smoked to add it to the vegetable that we are pochando.

Step 4: to mix the final ingredients

When the mere one well is done by both sides, we add the sauce of to saut© one with all the vegetables and cooked to untimed fire during 10 minutes, introducing the bare prawns and the clams.

With the heat surplus of the untimed fire the clams will be opened themselves slowly.

We will have nuesetro mere to the ready sailor to emplatar and to serve.

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