Which is the time of baking of the winkles?

The seafood and molluscs must have to take an exhaustive time of baking. As or we saw for the baking of ca±a­llas, if we spent some minutes or, quite the opposite, we advanced them, the result will be a chiclosa or totally soft meat.

And this is a great failure, since in many cases we spoke of products of high added value for a simple process of baking.

 How to cook the winkles

For the baking of the winkles you need very few ingredients:

  • Winkles
  • Water
  • 70 salt g

As it happens to the majority of molluscs, we must leave them during one hour before the baking to soaking, in cold water, to which we can add something to him of salt (he is optional). In this way we eliminated rest of dirt that can be in the shell.

Later, it places the winkles under the water spurt to drag any impurity.  Later, we put them in a pot for its baking with sufficient water to completely cover them, and a handful of salt (70 g). We take the strong fire to initiate fast the boiling.

Time of baking of the winkles

The exact time of baking of the winkles is exactly 5 minutes since the water starts to boil.

With this illustrative video, you will solve any type of doubt that arises with the baking of the winkles.

In some cases also one adds some leaves of laurel to the baking, since it complements very well with the typical salty flavor of these sea snails.

What are the winkles?

The winkles are denominated as sea snails. Its flavor is, as many other molluscs, navy (salty), with an interesting texture.

They are enough knowing and we can find them in the majority of supermarkets. In fact, also them you can find spanish stews, something cheaper than the fresh airs, but with great differences in the final result.

In order to take them, with a small stick it will be sufficient, since we must drag the meat of the shell towards outside. Something of pepper and lemon can be incorporated to the plate, but truly we want to enjoy the marine flavor, will not be necessary to add them nothing. Only salt and water of the baking.

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