How to prepare sponge cake of pumpkin without sugar

For that they cannot live without a dessert after eating, more and more healthful options can be found that they do without the use of sugar, extra butter, butter or additions that harm our health. An option of this type is the sponge cake of pumpkin without sugar, which we are going to teach the preparation prescription to you. An option very simple to prepare and apt for all the family.

The fact to contribute the pumpkin smooths out very many the flavor, and causes that in the mouth it has a very nice and honey-coloured texture.  This ingredient is used widely in the kitchen for all prescription type, as we already commented to you with the pumpkin cream that we prepared in Thermomix.

Ingredients used for the sponge cake without pumpkin sugar

These are the necessary ingredients for our sponge cake of pumpkin without sugar. In this case we have replaced it by any sweetener of the market, although personally we like the option of the Stevia, one of the most natural ingredients of the market that can replace the sugar.

Nevertheless, when you are going to buy it to the supermarket, you observe well the label because many brands put the small leaf of stevia in the label although soon it does not have anything to do with this ingredient. Much eye!

Sponge cake of pumpkin for 16 rations of approximately 50 grams.

  • 250 pumpkin g
  • 250 flour g of integral wheat
  • 4 medium eggs
  • 20 sweetener g
  • 700 ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 leavening envelope (16 g)
  • Light butter
  • Cinnamon

sponge cake of pumpkin without sugar

How step by step to prepare the sponge cake of pumpkin without sugar

Time of preparation: 50 minutes

Cooked time of: 35 min

Step 1: preparation of the pumpkin

The first step to prepare our sponge cake is to clean the pumpkin well, that as you know can have the typical undesired hilillos of fiber for our prescription.

Once clean, we cut it in small dices, of 1 or 2 cm approximately. With this size, the baking is distributed homogenous.

Later, in a hole with water to half, we put to boil the pumpkin during 20 minutes.

Spent this time, we will verify with a possesor and puncturing in a piece that perfectly is cooked.

When one cools off and we have strained the water, we crushed it with a beater until a homogenous puree forms and smooth.

Step 2: preparation of the mass

In this previous step to our sponge cake of pumpkin without sugar we are going to beat eggs.

In a container, we beat eggs and we add sweetener (stevia under our recommendation).

The ideal point of the egg is to beat until the bubbles form, with a homogenous yellow color.

We add the oil (700 ml) and return to mix until this distributed good the mixture.

Before putting the hands in the mass, never rather, we can ignite the 180 furnace and preheat to ºC. Of this form we will not lose nor a second in the cooked preparation and of the mass.

We take to the flour and the leavening well, mixing it and avoiding the formation of grumos.

Finished this step, we add the cooked pumpkin previously and throws puree that we did in the first step. We mix well and we formed a homogenous mass. You are not scared to use the hands.

Step 3: cooked to the furnace

We look for the mold that better adapts to our sponge cake of pumpkin without sugar, either with round cake form or as a spiral of Passover.

We lubricate the mold with butter well. We place the mass and we distributed it well by the mold.

From here, we introduce in the furnace (that already will be hot) and bake during 30-35 minutes to the same temperature (180 ºC).

Step 4: decoration

Once the sponge cake without pumpkin sugar is cooked, we will be able to decorate it to our pleasure.

We can pincelar the surface with a syrup without sugar (sirope of agave, for example), place pieces of fruit, pure chocolate, etc.

Everything will depend on the options that you have and the additional caloric contribution that you want to do to the sponge cake.

Ten in account that the pumpkin, although does not contribute much flavor to him, yes that gives a honey-coloured and smooth texture incredibly him.

Ingredients of the sponge cake without pumpkin sugar
The possibilities of this sponge cake of pumpkin are infinite: in the image preparation in the form of homemade bread is had, adding seeds of all type, although also you can use nuts or almonds.

Nutritional information

Due to the reduction of calories to avoid to introduce sugar, a healthful sponge cake in comparison with other dessert options is considered. The caloric contribution is not so high, although an important source of these calories comes from fats, and of them, 56% are saturated.

A ration is equivalent to 50 g (16 pieces can be removed about from the sponge cake of pumpkin without sugar).

TypeConcentration% recommended Newspaper
Energy240 kcal12% CDR
Fats16 G25% CDR
Saturated fat9 g56% CDR
Cholesterol46 mgs15% CDR
Carbohydrates21 g75 CDR
Fiber3 g13% CDR
Sugar14 g 16% CDR
Protein4 g8% CDR

As far as the mineral contribution, the relation is the following one:

  • Potassium: 285 mgs (8% CDR)
  • Sodium: 177 mgs (8% CDR)
  • Calcium: 43 mgs (4% CDR)
  • Iron: 1 mg (6% CDR)

And the vitamin contribution:

  • Vitamin A: 2235 IU (45% CDR)
  • Vitamin C: 2.2 mgs (3% CDR)

Conservation of the sponge cake

As the majority of sponge cakes that do not take to additional creams nor chocolates, it is possible to be conserved perfectly in the furnace extinguished during 2 or 3 days, although it will depend on the environmental humidity of the house.

A variant to our sponge cake:

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