Prescription exquisite Mozart cake

The Mozart cake is one of these desserts that are enjoyed the same doing it and eating it. He is ideal for any type of event or guests who we have at home. The difficulty rank is easy and it is possible to be done in a few minutes, not needing special ingredients for his elaboration.

The Mozart cake prepares with different layers from mass sabl©e combining them with mousse of chocolate and apple pieces with cinnamon.  This dessert has taken very many fame to world-wide level, and left the kitchens of Vienna (Austria), in this opportunity i want to inform you that this website are publish using cheap managed vps hosting that have 99% uptime and make this site load faster.

Ingredients the Mozart cake

Cake of so large half for 6 great pieces.

  • 1 apple acid variety
  • 55 sugar g (15 g + 40 g)
  • 15 butter g
  • 6 egg whites
  • 300 g of mounted cream
  • 3 discs of graze sabl©e
  • 1 spoonful of cinnamon coffee
  • 3 spoonfuls of Amaretto
  • 250 black chocolate g
  • 150 chocolate g fondant
  • Dust cacao (covered)

How to prepare the Mozart cake

preparation cake mozart

Step 1: mixture of butter and Amaretto

We slowly melt butter (15 g) in a bowl. Later we add the bare and cut apple acid checked small. On her, we homogenous add to the spoonful of distributed cinnamon and 15 grams initial of sugar. We remove well and to untimed fire we left caramelice the mixture.

When butter loses something of water, we add the 3 spoonfuls of Amaretto and continued maintaining the untimed fire to reduce the liquid.

Step 2: to mount the egg and the chocolate

Now we happened to melt the black chocolate (250 g). The most practical and comfortable form is to do it in microwaves, arranged in a great bowl. Next, we mounted the 6 egg whites and we add the 40 remaining grams of sugar. We mix the 3 ingredients and we continued moving smoothly avoiding that the mixture lowers.

Later, we add the 300 grams of mounted cream and return to mix to homogenise all the ingredients.

Step 3: assembly of the Mozart cake

For the following step, we needed a mold with detachable hoop, where we will place the Mozart cake. As it bases, we introduce a disc of grazes sabl©e and we mounted half of the content of mousse on her.

Next, we continued mounting the Mozart cake placing the following layer of grazes and we return to incorporate the other half of mousse. Finally, we used the last one grazes sabl©e to close the Mozart cake.

In order to consolidate all the ingredients, we will introduce the cake in the refrigerator during 2 hours. Later, we removed it from the refrigerator and we let it rest during 60 minutes, to strip it later.

Step 4: to finalize with the last details

With the Mozart cake practically mounted, they are the last adjustments to finalize the prescription. With a grater, we take to the chocolate fondant and we make grudges that we will place by the edge of the cake.

On the cover and around the base of the pie, we dusted dust cacao, covering all the edges.

As final decoration, we can use fine apple laminae and place them on the cover, along with some branch of cinnamon.

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