How to prepare bent down Cordovan candies

The bent down Cordovan candies, as its good name indicates, are a dessert very typical and known Cordoba, in Andalusia

Its preparation is associate at the festive moments, as the Easter or the 1 of November, All Saints Day.

The bent down ones take preparing for very many years. Or in old Egypt, the babylonian civilization or the Roman Empire it knew the prescription and it habitually used it between the main meals.

In the zone of Andalusia and, concretely in Cordoba, pulleys or bent down Cordovan candies are known as.

Used ingredients

Prescription for 4 people (rations)

  • 1 liter water or 1 liter of milk (it depends on the pleasures)
  • 200 g sugar
  • 200 g bread
  • 100 g flour
  • 100 ml olive oil
  • 2 spoonfuls matalauva (anise)
  • 1 rind lemon
  • Cinnamon in dust and branch

Preparation of bent down Cordovan candies

Cordovan preparation bent down

First of all, we add to a little oil to a deep frying pan or a pot and warmed up. We add the lemon rind and we fried it slightly.

When we already see that the skin of the lemon is slightly doradita, we add 2 spoonfuls of matalauva and immediately we retired of the heat, since burning fire very easily.

We add the cinnamon in branch to add flavor to the oil and to perfume it.

  1. We return to warm up the frying pan or the pot, with the oil still temperate, and are contributing the ingredients. We add the 100 grams of flour and to saut© slightly. We move it energetically to avoid that it is burned.

    We contribute the water and with a similar metallic rod to the one to beat eggs, we remove well to avoid that the typical grumos form (something that also happen to the white sauce).

    According to we like bent down more or less thick Cordovan candies, we will add more water (or milk) until obtaining the point and perfect texture.

    Once the ingredients begin to boil (we will see as the typical bubbles of creams form), we extinguished the fire.

    At this right moment we add the 200 grams of sugar and remove very well so that everything is mixed perfectly.

    The dust cinnamon, that we have reserved for the end, we add it according to the taste of the companions at table.

    Additional note

    In many elaborations and prescriptions, also usually one adds bread toasted in picatostes. Of this form we avoided that it is a repetitive flavor and we get tired soon. In fact, it is to add flour to the flour mixture and to increase the calories, but it is an option to contemplate if the plate of in case can bore us.

    Some pricked pieces of almond also fit perfectly with bent down Cordovan candies. Any crisp texture intones perfectly with this prescription, like it happens with vegetable creams.

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