How to prepare jam of grape with Thermomix

With this simple prescription we will learn to prepare a fantastic jam of grape using the Thermomix foot processor. With its capacity to warm up and to move simultaneously, sen opens a great fan to you within the world of homemade jams.

As the mixture of acidity and sweetness of the grapes enchants to us, we thought that it is a great idea and enough unknown, by the way, to prepare it with this fruit. It combines very well with another sugar type of fruits as it mills, apple, etc. You can make the mixture that you want and prove different combinations.

In our case, we have gone away to the classic prescription using only grape for the jam.

Used ingredients

  • 500 grape g
  • 500 sugar g
  • Lemon

How to make jam of grape with Thermomix

  • First of everything it is to wash to the grapes, clearing the peduncle well that they have. You can clear it the skin if you do not like, although it has healthful fiber and he is interesting to introduce it in the jam.
  • In the glass of the Thermomix, we add the sugar, the washed and dry grapes and the juice of lemon.
  • We crush at speed 5 and during 10 seconds, and next we programmed speed 1 and Varoma temperature during 35 minutes.
  • Once finalized the program, we evaluated the texture and the thickness of the grape jam, giving him some minutes more if we want to thicken it a little more.

You do not have any type of fear in using grape of different varieties. You can realise it with white grape, black grape, red, etc.

Nutritional composition of the grape jam

We have before us a food that has a great amount of added sugars. Concretely, the same amount that of fruit, that already of in case it offers a significant amount of vegetal sugars (fructose, among others).

For this reason, we recommended its consumption with moderation.

Composition by nosey spoonful (20 grams approximately)

When we prepared a toast with butter and jam of grape, we more or less used an amount of 1 nosey spoonful. We are going to see what contributes to us:

  • Energy: 45 kcal
  • Carbohydrates: 11 g
  • Fats: 0 g
  • Proteins: 0 g
  • Sodium: 5 mgs

What you need to burn this energy?

  • 6 minutes in the bicycle
  • 4 minutes running

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