Prescription of crumbs of cauliflower in Thermomix

The crumbs of cauliflower in Thermomix are an alternative healthy to increase our ingestion of vegetables. One knows as €œcrumbs€ because perforated cauliflower simulates, by the color and the aspect, to the flour or the worked bread of the habitual crumbs.

Nevertheless, this healthful prescription of cauliflower crumbs is low in fats and only those that to ham or the contributed oil contributes.

In addition, although we have wanted it to simplify to the maximum possible, perfectly fits vegetables as red or green pepper, egg, carrot, leek, etc.

The base of cauliflower is very simple and fits yet type of ingredients perfectly. Perhaps those crisp or hardest ones when chewing, as ham, is the suitable ones since it is the contrast to cauliflower.

The chilli, in addition, comes that nor painted as long as cauliflower as main base is used of the prescription.

Although in this case we have used the Thermomix to make agile time, also is possible to be realised without majors problems in the traditional kitchen. For it, we will need a cabbage-cutter to leave the fine pieces.

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Used ingredients

It prescribes for 2 people
  • 250 gr. of cauliflower
  • 50 grams of perforated ham or in swearwords
  • Dust salt, chilli, pimenta and garlic to the pleasure
  • 50 ml of olive oil

Preparation of the crumbs of cauliflower in Thermomix

To prepare crumbs of cauliflower in thermomix

We are going to follow the following steps to realise the cauliflower crumbs in Thermomix for 2 people.


First of everything it will be to prepare cauliflower before introducing in the Thermomix. We washed it or, since sometimes some insect comes with earth or even, and cut in small pieces, discarding the trunks, that by their fibrous aspect do not fit in this prescription.


To coninuaci³n, it we can prick in much more small pieces with the help of our Thermomix or any other foot processor. We program 3 seconds at speed 5. 


We add the oil and we to saut© slightly during 5 minutes, temperature varoma and speed spoon.

In the last 30 seconds, we add salt, chilli, pepper and garlic in dust. Also we can add to other condiments as oregano or thyme.

We add ham and we cooked during 3 minutes to temperature varoma and speed spoon.

It is possible to be incorporated to him, as extra, a fried egg. A winning combination!

Additional note

In case ham we do not have it previamete cut in small pieces, we can prick it with the Thermomix before step 1.

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