Prescription of stewed carrots

He is always recommendable to increase the ingestion of rich fiber foods, low proteins and in fat. For that reason, many vegetables and vegetables must comprise of our nutritional habit.

In this case, we have wanted to teach this fantastic prescription to you of stewed carrots, to whom we incorporated a little white wine to increase the flavor and the depth of the plate.

A prescription very easy to prepare, adapted to the enamored ones with the carrots, with a flavor and texture that will surprise to you.

Used ingredients

  • 6 great carrots
  • 1 great onion
  • 3 teeth of garlic
  • Vegetable broth
  • White wine
  • Parsley
  • Black pepper
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  •  Salt

How to prepare stewed carrots 

Step 1: to crush garlic

First of everything to prepare our stewed carrots it is to crush garlic and to unite them to the parsley. We can do manually, with the help of a mortar. To the final mixture we add to him just a little bit of salt.

Step 2: to pochar the onion

We mince the onion in small small pieces, Julian type. In a frying pan, we add some drops of oil and the pochamos until it is sea bream well.

While slowly it is become the onion, we cut in slices the carrots. Also we can make dices. Greater or small pieces according to we like, although the time of baking can change slightly.

When to the onion it has left few minutes to be ready, we add a little white wine, we raised a little the fire and we left only evaporates the alcohol, conserving the flavor characteristic of the wine.

Step 3: baking of the carrots

In a pot, we add the pochada onion, the pur3ee with garlic and parsley and the carrots cut in slices. In this step, we add the vegetable broth with a sufficient amount that it allows to cover all the ingredients.

We cook to strong fire until the liquid has been consumed practically and the carrots (who we will be puncturing with a time possesor as soon as) well are cooked.

Emplatamos and already we will have list our stewed carrots.

What contributes a ration to us of zahorias stewed?

This prescription is considered as a healthy, low plate in fat and with a good concentration of minerals and vitamins. A ration of stewed carrots contributes the following thing to us:

  • Energy: 145 kcal (7% CDR)
  • Fat: 8 g (greasy saturated: 1 g) €“ greasy 11% total CDR, 6% saturated fat
  • Sugars: 6.9 g (8% CDR)
  • Salt: 0.5 g (9% CDR)

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