How to prepare zarangollo with Thermomix

The Murcian gastronomy, zone to which we belong, is full of magnificent plates, fruit of the great variety of fruits and vegetables that produce in their earth. A plate that comprises of Murcian history is zarangollo, where in this case we want to you to facilitate the task in its preparation thanks to the use of the foot processor.

In this article we want to teach to you to prepare zarangollo in with Thermomix, a prescription simple to prepare, but that has been to something of elaboration and time of preparation.

The marrow is a typical vegetable of summer pertaining to the family of the cucurbit¡ceas (as the melon or the cucumber) and that in this region is cultivated, outdoors, in the months of spring, when the heat increases.

Used ingredients

Prescription for 4 people

  • 400 marrow g
  • 400 onion g
  • 2 potatoes medians
  • 60 extra virgin olive oil g
  • 4 eggs
  • Salt and pepper

Steps to prepare zarangollo with Thermomix

Step 1: to mince vegetables

First of everything for ours zarangollo with Thermomix is to mince vegetables. Manually, we peeled the marrow and the onion and we add it to the Thermomix. We program 5 seconds at speed 4 and retired the vegetable minced in a plate.

Finally, the potato, programming other 5 seconds at speed 4, separating it in a plate and cleaning the glass.

Next, we add the onion to prick it. We program 5 seconds at speed 4. This time we left the onion without retiring of the glass.

Step 2: cooking vegetables

From here, we put completely in the furnaces (good, with the Thermomix not€¦), we add some drops of oil, the marrow, the potato and programmed 25 minutes to Varoma temperature, speed spoon.

When the onion is pochada, we add the marrow, salt and pepper to the taste, and programmed 20 minutes to temperature varoma, speed spoon.

Step 3: to add eggs

Once we have lists the vegetables of Murcian ours zarangollo in the Thermomix, is the moment for adding eggs. We break the rind and we add them to the glass. We program 2 minutes to temperature varoma and speed spoon, so that little by little they are mixed with the rest of ingredients.

Once finished the program, we will have finished zarangollo with the Thermomix foot processor. He will be ready to serve!

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