Prescription of lentils composed with ham

The lentils can be prepared of 1000 and one forms, or are introducing proteins as meat (ham, bacon, garlic sausage, etc.) or doing them vegetarian. In this case, we bring a typical prescription to you of the canary kitchen: the compound lentils.

The canary kitchen is full of incredibly good plates, using many vegetables and fish for it. For example, the canary soup of lentils is a variation where also other ingredients are used, but with a base very seemed.

Although you will see the ingredients that we have used, is possible to be added bacon, garlic sausage and another type of vegetables that you prefer. The homemade product use different for the compound lentils does not have limits, so cook them as more you like and you do them yours.

A ration of compound lentils takes between 60 and 80 grams of this vegetable. The amount of water is approximated, although always they must be submerged.

Ingredients for the prescription of compound lentils

Prescription for 4 people

  • 250 grams of lentils
  • Swearwords of mountain ham
  • 1 onion of so large half
  • 2 carrots medians
  • Fried tomato
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 spoonful of chilli coffee
  • 2 teeth of garlic
  • 1 hour of laurel
  • Olive oil and salt to the pleasure

This prescription is considered as very easy and is ready in less than 40 minutes. You can shorten to the times using a fast pot.

Steps to follow for the preparation of the lentils


In order to gain time, we take a pot and we add the lentils. We cover with water and we put the strong fire to initiate to boil.

First of everything it is to wash and to slice each one of the vegetables. The carrots we can leave them in swearwords not necessarily very small. The onion enough bite, so that one almost does not notice in the compound lentils once we take them. The green pepper, half of size of the carrots, although each can do it to its pleasure.

Next, we put a little oil in the frying pan and to saut© vegetables. The time us the carrot will indicate it, that it is the vegetable that more hill to pochar, reason why sees moving vegetables frequently so that they do not stick to the frying pan. We add the chilli and we seasoned (salt and pepper, although it has that used nut nutmeg also).

Once we see that the onion is quite pochada and the carrot is more tender, we add the fried tomato (by rough estimate). I usually add so much as to cover a little all the vegetables and that acquire a reddish tone of the tomato.

If we preferred to use shredded natural tomato instead of the fried one, the prescription will not change much, unless we will need more time to fry the tomato.

In the last minutes of to saut© one, we add ham, preferably to swearwords. Of this form, the mixture will not salar¡ much.


The lentils that previously we have put in the pot, will be almost in the home of boiling. We add all the ingredients of the frying pan, along with the laurel small leaves. We remove the mixture well and we let boil.

It sees especially moving little by little so that the ingredients to the bottom of the pot do not stick, if boils very hard and much water evaporates. Corrije adding more in necessary case.

In fast pot, in 20 minutes they will be the lentils already cooked. In normal pot, the time usually surpasses the 30 minutes, although the ideal is to be proving them with the spoon once pass these 30 minutes.

We try to see if it needs something of salt and corrected in necessary case.

Preparation lentils compuetas

Support of the compound lentils

To the prescription of the compound lentils divided hard egg usually is added once we have emplatado vegetables.

In addition, also it is possible to be accompanied by fried bread, that will serve as support to the vegetable plate, but also will cause that it increases the number of total calories.

A plate of lentils without 116 additions has kcal. From here, it is necessary to add what it provides ham to him, the vegetables, the olive oil, etc.

With all these ingredients, the lentils composed with vegetables and total 320 ham contribute about kcal by ration.

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