How to prepare crumbs in Thermomix

The crumbs have become an historical plate of many zones of Spain. A very saciante prescription that includes bread, vegetables and proteins (of pig or fish).

Their preparation, although is not difficult, yes that she is laborious, since in the traditional method it is necessary to be removing the crumbs constantly, to low fire, so that they do not stick.

If we prepared the crumbs in Thermomix, our favorite foot processor, over-exertion in the kitchen finished. A perfectly adaptable prescription to this equipment, and we will save a pile of time and sacrifice for this so typical plate in the rainy months of cold and.

Ingredients of the crumbs in Thermomix

Prescription for 6 people

  • 500 flour g.
  • 1 cut green pepper in strips
  • 2 ±oras or peppers droughts.
  • 8 teeth of garlic.
  • 150 fresh bacon g.
  • 150 fresh sausage g.
  • 100 g of fresh longaniza.
  • 6 pieces of salt meat sardines.
  • A handful of tender garlic.
  • 400 water g.
  • Several spoonfuls (100 g) of olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to the pleasure.

How to prepare crumbs in Thermomix

How to prepare the crumbs with Thermomix


First that we are going to do is to fry and to prepare vegetables, home by ±oras. We previously warm up the oil in the glass (temperature 120 ºC, speed 1 and duration of 2 minutes). We add ±oras and we gilded them (120 temperature ºC, inverse turn, speed cuhara, duration 5 minutes).

When they are ready, we removed them from Thermomix and we reserved them. We will do the same with the oil, that we will take advantage of it in point 4.


The turn arrives from the rest of vegetables (tender pepper, garlic and garlic). With the same oil used for STEP 1, we programmed 120 ºC, inverse turn, speed spoon and duration of 15 minutes. When the program finishes, we removed vegetables and we return to reserve.


The turn arrives to prepare the meat (bacon, sausage and longaniza) and the sardines. We take advantage of the oil vegetables and return to use the foot processor. We program 120 ºC, inverse turn, speed spoon and duration of 10 minutes. 

When the meat and the sardines are sea breams, we removed them and we reserved.


The moment arrives for working the flour, the foundations of this prescription of crumbs in Thermomix. In other versions the bread can be useful previous days, especially the peasant (greater flour concentration). It changes a little the flavor and, taste, does lighter.

We put the water in the glass and add salt (a handful). We program temperature varoma, 2 speed and duration of 2 minutes.

We add to all the flour, programming 2 temperature 100 ºC, speed and duration of 25 minutes. The oil that previously we have reserved we took advantage of it and we add along with the flour and the water.


Once finalized step 4, we are going to help that the crumbs have a finer texture and €œto break them better€.

In order to help to that the crumbs in Thermomix have a shelled aspect and are looser, we are going to clear part of the mass and reserved. We let work the other half of the mass, programming 20 seconds, speed 8. 

We remove half from the crumbs in Thermomix and add the other half. We repeat the operation (20 s, speed 8).

We mix all the ingredients and we served hot. It is necessary to eat them fast that cools off in just a short time!

Other versions of Crumbs in Thermomix

To the being the base of the crumbs flour or bread, can be mixed all type of ingredients, and not necessarily salty. In some regions, they even mix with chocolate or fruit, as the distinguished one.

Along with the meat of the pig, as the sausage, bacon or longaniza, are prescriptions that include big holes and other types of salt meat fish.

As it is a heavy prescription, with much fat (oil, meat, etc.) and carbohydrates of the flour, a brilliant companion is a rich salad with fresh tomato, onion and cucumber.

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