Thus it is as you must grind coffee with Thermomix

To have a foot processor allows us to do 1000 things and not all related to the crushing. More and more one extends the prescriptions that we can automate with the foot processor. Then, evidently also it is possible to grind coffee with Thermomix.

Its comfort allows us to make it every day to enjoy the intense aroma of the coffee just ground. In this article we are going sound off to you to follow to use the Thermomix and to grind coffee.

He is always recommendable to maintain the grain coffee, since it is the best form to conserve the pure characteristics, the aroma and the flavor of the coffee. Nevertheless, he is not so comfortable to have to grind coffee with Thermomix daily. Mainly thinking about that whenever we crush it we must mop the glass of the foot processor.

Our trick is to keep maximum ground coffee 1 week, so that Sundays we return to again prepare the coffee of the week that enters. It seems a triviality, but even being packaged in hermetic crystal jars, the aroma is lost slowly and takes something of humidity that can get to notice in the flavor.

How to grind coffee with Thermomix

Limit of amount at the time of grinding coffee with Thermomix does not exist. We can do it for a cup, with an amount among 35 and 40 grams of coffee, or to store it during weeks, in boats of hermetic seal.

Important: the glass of Thermomix must be completely dry, since the latest that we looked for is to dampen the just worn out coffee.

Steps to follow

We program 1 minute at progressive speed 5-10, leaving a minimum of 20 seconds to terminal velocity.

As advantage, they ten in account that also you can grind another spice type, as black pepper, cinnamon, seeds of all type, almonds, nuts, etc.

To clean the glass of Thermomix after grinding coffee

Ten in account that one of the main qualities of the coffee is its aroma, and you will notice it very many when it teeth. That intoxicating aroma also remains in the glass, reason why the cleaning that you will have to do of the glass will not be only in dry. You will have to dampen and to clean with water the glass and the blades of your Thermomix to completely eliminate the scent and that does not affect to the close one cooked to foods.

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