Trick to dull guindillas and to conserve them step by step

Guindillas is a delicious local product that can be consumed in fresh or conserved in a crystal boat, that is the format that we can find in any supermarket. If we want to save this investment in acquiring them or want to give a personal touch him to which we have bought in fresh or cultivated, we must know how to dull guindillas to assure its conservation to us.

In this article we taught to you to prepare guindillas for his conservation with natural ingredients that we have at home, using for it crystal boats that we can have of any conserve product.

Guindillas pickled facilitates to us to conserve them by a prolonged time, apart from which they contribute a flavor to him different from which in comparison with the fresh airs.

To dull guindillas: what variety to choose?

It does not exist a specific variety of guindillas that is apt or does not stop his conservation. Green piparras is the classic ones, although also we can do it with smaller varieties of chili peppers or any type.

The extended ones are the traditional ones that we can cultivate or buy in any supermarket.

To dull guindillas of all type

Ingredients to package guindillas

In order to dull guindillas, we will need the following ingredients:

  • Guindillas fresh of any variety
  • Crystal package with metallic cover
  •  Vinegar of white wine or apple
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt
  • Water

How to dull guindillas 

Step 1

The first step to dull guindillas is to wash them well, eliminating any rest of earth that can have. Once conducted this operation, we grouped guindillas so that size or similar thickness perfectly enters the boat by.

Step 2

Step 2 is to fill up the packages with the mixture of vinegar, oil, salt and water. First of all, we add vinegar, covering 1/4 part with the container. The following step to dull guindillas is to add to salt (a handful or spoonful of coffee by so large boat fried tomato,

From here, we add 1/4 of water along with a little oil (spoonful of coffee). We mix all the ingredients closing the package and shaking it so that one the vinegar and the oil along with guindillas. The boat must be full until half, approximately (2/4).

Step 3

We introduce guindillas grouped by size and will see as the liquid raises until covering them almost completely. If it exceeds and one leaves, we threw it, and if lack, we introduce more guindillas until it covers them completely or filled up with water.

We close well with the aluminum cover and conserved in the pantry. They will be an expiration date of about 3 days old. Also we can conserve them in the refrigerator, if we like fresh.

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