Canary soup of lentils: Thermomix prescribes traditional and

Prescription of canary soup of lentils

The Canary Islands offer much tradition as far as the gastronomy, that has known to adapt it to a form to work and to prepare foods somewhat different and peculiar.

In that inclu­mos plate listing the soup of lentils to the canary style, with ingredients somewhat different from which can be taken in the Iberian Peninsula.

If you like the canary kitchen, as and already you have proven the broth of canary fish, we recommended this fabulous prescription to you that will hook you to the gastronomy of these Islands.

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How to prepare cream of pumpkin in thermomix

pumpkin cream prescription thermomix

The pumpkin is an ingredient widely used in kitchen, since it can be combined by his sweet flavor and its texture with a pile of vegetables and plates more. In this case, always looking for healthful prescriptions, we are going to show the preparation of a wonderful cream of pumpkin in Thermomix, the famous foot processor. Nevertheless,€¦ To read more

Cream prescription of pumpkin and carrot

cream prescription of pumpkin and carrot

Today we are going to prepare a delicious cream prescription of pumpkin and carrot. A selection of vegetables and vegetables that personally enchant us by the smoothness of their texture and the healthful thing that is.

This vegetable cream prescription is essential at home. She is full of nutritional properties and it very hard does not taste that drives away the small children.

A very simple, very economic and ideal prescription as incoming plate. A perfect form to eat vegetables, so necessary in our diet.

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