Prescription of rice to the furnace in Thermomix

Rice to the Thermomix furnace

Many ways exist to prepare rice. The fact of being a so international food causes that to day of today thousands of prescriptions with different combinations can be found.

One of these cases is the traditional rice to the furnace, typical of the Valencian Community, where he is habitual to prepare it and later to introduce it in the furnace to obtain famous socarrat.

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Stew prescription of choupa or squid (Gallego cooks)

Stew of choupa

The prescription stew of choupa that today we add to our Web is very well-known in the Galician coast, where it has followed during years participating in the local gastronomy.

Choupa or squid, as it is known in other zones, is a well-known and economic ingredient that can be bought in almost all the fish markets and supermarkets. Its flavor is very nice and perfectly fits with reduced vegetables and creams.

It is a source of nutrients between which they emphasize proteins and minerals as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Low in fats and with low caloric contribution.

You want to know how prepares this stew of choupa or squid? Ahead!

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Canary soup of lentils: Thermomix prescribes traditional and

Prescription of canary soup of lentils

The Canary Islands offer much tradition as far as the gastronomy, that has known to adapt it to a form to work and to prepare foods somewhat different and peculiar.

In that inclu­mos plate listing the soup of lentils to the canary style, with ingredients somewhat different from which can be taken in the Iberian Peninsula.

If you like the canary kitchen, as and already you have proven the broth of canary fish, we recommended this fabulous prescription to you that will hook you to the gastronomy of these Islands.

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Broth of canary fish: it prescribes spectacular

Prescription of canary broth of fish

The broth of canary fish constitutes one of main historical prescriptions all the Canary Islands. Given the great facility to obtain fish and vegetables of quality, the canary archipelago can delight to us with so characteristic and rich plates as this.

By the duration of the preparation and that at first seems complicated this prescription, in fact its preparation is even rather simple and it does not require cooking abilities even to do it. Only time and much affection so that all the foods cook slowly. 

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Fantastic beet cream prescription

beet cream prescription

The beet cream has become an authentic revolution at the time of preparing vegetable creams.

As much by his characteristic color as by his flavor, it is an alternative in front of other prescriptions very well known that little by little we are tiring to us of repetitive flavors. The beet cream must be included of obligatory form in your healthful prescription listing. That yes, as long as you like the flavor of this vegetable.

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How to prepare potato cream prescription

potato cream prescription

Today we are going to you to present a delicious potato cream prescription. It is not necessary to confuse the traditional potato puree with this cream prescription. Although the same ingredients are used, the texture and the final emplatado one changes of remarkable form.

The protagonist ingredient is, doubt, the potato. As its flavor is very not pronounced, we are going to prepare the prescription with vegetables that are complemented very well with this vegetable. A clear example is the onion, also is used of form common in the potato puree.

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Cream prescription of pumpkin and carrot

cream prescription of pumpkin and carrot

Today we are going to prepare a delicious cream prescription of pumpkin and carrot. A selection of vegetables and vegetables that personally enchant us by the smoothness of their texture and the healthful thing that is.

This vegetable cream prescription is essential at home. She is full of nutritional properties and it very hard does not taste that drives away the small children.

A very simple, very economic and ideal prescription as incoming plate. A perfect form to eat vegetables, so necessary in our diet.

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How to prepare cream of mushrooms in Thermomix

cream of mushrooms in thermomix prescribes

We were with a prescription that moves away of habitual vegetable creams, and is that it uses an ingredient that has few detractors. The cream of mushrooms in Thermomix is a easy resource for all the family who prepares herself less than in 30 minutes. A simple prescription, to very low cost and with€¦ Reading more