Prescription of sardines to the microwaves to avoid scents

The sardines to the microwaves are a delicacy for those to which they like the blue fish, with a powerful and salty flavor. Nevertheless, the inconvenient major is the great scent that produces when we cooked them, for that reason in many cases its preparation is only reserved when it is possible to be done in the outside, to live coals or the barbecue.

Then, in this prescription we are going to teach to you to prepare the sardines to the microwaves to eliminate scents in all the kitchen, so that it only remains in the microwaves, of easy cleaning.

In less than 5 minutes you will have lists and perfectly cooked your sardines, yet the flavor and with the minimum cost of effort.

We told you how to prepare the sardines in the microwaves of the possible simplest way.

Used ingredients

For 4 people

  • 400 gr. of sardines
  • Salt
  • Oil of Oliva Virgen Extra

How to cook the sardines to the microwaves

Sardines to the microwaves prescribe

In order to avoid the evil of the scent that produces, we are going to cook the sardines to the microwaves, and we are going them to have lists in 5 minutes less than.

Step 1: to prepare the sardines

We must eliminate the grudges of the sardines or ask to the fish seller that does it. Once they are clean we placed them in a plate and we add salt to the pleasure. Fat salt feels to him very well since with the humidity of the fish it is introduced within the meat. It remembers to do it by both faces.

It is important not to accumulate in the plate the sardines, since it must have a homogenous distribution of the heat.

We add a little oil exceeds they and we introduce them in the microwaves.

Step 2: to cook the sardines to the microwaves

The final step is to program 5 minutes to power (we will be controlling according to the power of the microwaves) to 3/4 of maximum power. Passed the time, it verifies that well they are cooked and if you see that it needs just a little bit more, adds 2 minutes more.

As final advice, to the sardines it fits to them to use lemon, since it gives a characteristic flavor him.

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