How to cook eggs without falling in the standard errors

The eggs offer a fantastic deep flavor and a texture that everything to the world does not fit to him. It does not have average term, since there is people to whom it enchants to him and other than hates them. For the lovers of the flavor fish, we are going to teach the correct way to you to cook eggs of simple, practical form and without worries.

It is important to control the times of baking to avoid that they are possible to be opened when cooking them. In this case, it is very common to cook hake eggs, since they offer an extraordinary flavor and a delicious texture.

Nevertheless, this form of baking is worth you for any type of egg of fish.

Used ingredients

  • 1 kg of fresh eggs
  • Wine vinegar
  • 2 leaves of laurel
  • Salt

How to cook eggs of simple form

How to cook fish eggs

First of everything it is concientiously to clean to the eggs, eliminating any rest that can contain. We can put to cold or very cold water soaking (it is possible to be added some cubes to him). With the cold water we avoided that they are possible to be broken or to be opened, as can happen to us sometimes.

In other cases, there is people who surround them in paper is transparent as if outside a surrounded caramel, but personally we advised against it since we do not know surely if the plastic can release some undesirable or detrimental component to high temperatures.

Once clean, we add them to a pot and we covered them with water. We add a little salt, the 2 leaves of laurel and chorret³n of wine vinegar.

We place the average fire pot and cooked of 20 to 25 minutes since it starts to boil.

Nutritional properties

The greasy content of the egg is relatively low, around 2%, with a high volume of proteins (20%) and, according to the preparation method, 120 a caloric contribution of kcal by each 100 g.

As it contributes nutritional, they are rich in iron and phosphorus, vitamin and vitamin B.

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