Prescription of the frontier latches easy and simple

The frontier latches are a candy that even usually is taken in Christmas or in Easter.  The latch candy concept is typical in many zones of Andalusia, although each province and autonomous region have been adapting its prescription to the typical thing of each zone.

In this dessert prescription we are going to teach to you step by step to prepare the famous frontier latches with the listing of ingredients and the form of preparation.

Used ingredients

  • 1 white glass of wine
  • 3 flour glasses
  • 2 spoonfuls of grain anise
  • 50 ml of liquid anise
  • 1 extra virgin olive oil glass
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon

How to prepare frontier latches step by step

Preparation of the frontier latches

First of all, we needed a pot with bottom, since we needed olive oil enough to bathe the frontier latches and that they are fried well.

Step 1: to unite the oil, came and anise

In a casserole or pot with bottom, we firstly add the wine, olive oil and anise. We put it to boil to average fire and when it breaks the boiling, we cleared the heat and we reserved, letting cool

Step 2: preparation of the flour

In a bowl of plastic or steel, we add the flour glass and the oil mixture, came and anise, once is cold. We work the mass so that all the ingredients are united and been homogenous.

This mass we will cover it with a film and we will reserve during 30 minutes, leaving to rest it.

Step 3: to prepare the mass and to fry

Passed the 30 minutes of rest of the mass, the following step is to handle to the mass giving him form to the frontier latches. Help with the images to obtain it you.

To give form to the frontier latches

Step 4: to fry the frontier oil latches

We need the sufficient oil to be able to bathe the frontier latches, reason why we will look for a frying pan with bottom enough. We fried them until we see that they take a golden aspect, but without burning them. Later, we eliminated the oil leftover with the help of a kitchen paper.

Once eliminating the leftover of oil, the rebozamos with a mixture to equal parts of sugar and cinnamon. As still they are something I warm up and have a little oil, the sugar and the cinnamon it will remain beaten to the latch.

History of the latch as candy

Data of a candy done with mass of flour, sugar and cinnamon, equal to the latch exist, of century XVI. The majors references of this dessert became in Andalusia, especially in the province of Malaga.

It is also associated with the Moroccan dessert denominated shebbakiyya, reason why the history of the latch can be ligature to the Arab gastronomy.

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