Homemade bread prescription of almonds

The kitchen is changing years in the last. Now one looks for to do without the gluten, foods with lactose and also it is in judgment fabric the starch.

Against this, they at home arise interesting prescriptions every super day as the bread of almonds, fast and easy preparation. We can make of form manual or to use the Thermomix, that will clear something to us of time as far as the kneaded one and cooking.

In addition to it, which also we asked is that this substitute of the flour also this good one, we can use it in our daily life and to prepare toasts in the breakfast. And above that is good!

Then the bread of almonds satisfies all the requirements that we have commented, so we are going to put hands to us to the work and to enjoy this fantastic prescription.

The consistency of the bread done with almonds is a rustic version of hogaza of bread, very compact and with one molla lasts and resistant. On the basis of this, also it has the advantage of which it is conserved in the long term without becoming hardened, reason why we can have it for more than 1 week without problems.

On the contrary, all we know the price of the almonds, that is remarkably greater than the one of the flour to make bread. Even so, it is worth the trouble to prove it from time to time and to enjoy the alternative that offers the bread done with almonds.

Used ingredients

Ingredients of the bread of almonds

For one hogaza of bread:

  • 4 glasses of crude almond
  • 1 average egg
  • ½ glass of water
  • 1 spoonful of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 spoonful of bicarbonate coffee
  • Type of seeds for the cover of hogaza can be complemented yet

Steps to follow to prepare the bread of almonds

Step 1: to crush the crude almond

The first step of our bread of almonds is to grind the almond. The Thermomix or any crushed can be used to us for this aim. Also we have the option to buy the almond already crushed and pocketed.

Having the crushed almond already, ºC is hour to ignite to the furnace to preheat it to a temperature of 160.

Step 2: it mixes of the ingredients

In a container, we mixed the almond ground with the spoonful of bicarbonate coffee. In this point, we can complement the prescription adding seeds of linen, sunflower, ch­a, pipes or any additional option that we want (including nuts or pistachios). It is question to be trying and to find our favorite option.

In my case, ground to make combinations of oregano, thyme and basil, since it enchants to me that it tastes salty and powerful.

We add the water and we mixed well until forming grazes dense and homogenous. We use the whole egg and the flour and continued mixing distributing well all the ingredients.

Step 3: baked of the bread of almonds

In a mold, we extend the previous mass and we distributed it covering all the eggs. We flatten the mass to form a perfect rectangle. We cook in the furnace during 45 min, and verified with a sharpened knife that the interior is lost humidity. Otherwise, we waited for about more 5-10 minutes, trying than the cover is not baked too much.

Once ready, we can use it for toasts, support of sauces (guacamole, cheese, tomatos, etc.). It is possible to be conserved in the refrigerator without no problem.

Variations of the prescription

Some variations of the bread prescription exist with almonds, that more of variations are adaptations. There is people who use 2 eggs instead of 1 to form grazes more malleable in the furnace.

Between the used ingredients, everything depends on the tastes and the imagination. If we are going to use the bread of almonds for toasts in the breakfast, mainly, it comes very well to use seeds and spices as thyme or oregano.

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