How to prepare jam of green peppers

Jam prescription of green peppers

The jam is a very flavorful complement nutritional, but that we must introduce in our diet with moderation (by its sugar content).

More and more those are being put fashionable that use vegetables and vegetables, especially to accompany to cheeses and other plates. It is the case of the jam of green peppers, that contributes a characteristic flavor, not so pronounced as the one of red peppers, and that cheese type fits very or yet (as the one of goat or the fresh cheese).

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How to prepare spiral of Galician Passover

Prescription of spiral of Galician Passover

He is traditional during the Easter or in Christmas, to prepare the traditional twisted roll. In Galicia, the spiral of Galician Passover is prepared, whose ingredients and presentation varies slightly in the different provinces, but that finally are looked much like the classic king cake.

In order to put to us in task, we are going to know the list ingredients of this twisted roll prescription of Passover, very simple to prepare and with elements of all the life.

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