Homemade bread prescription of almonds

Bread prescription of almonds

The kitchen is changing years in the last. Now one looks for to do without the gluten, foods with lactose and also it is in judgment fabric the starch. Against this, they at home arise interesting prescriptions every super day as the bread of almonds, fast and easy preparation. We can make of form manual either€¦ To read the more

How to prepare spiral of Galician Passover

Prescription of spiral of Galician Passover

He is traditional during the Easter or in Christmas, to prepare the traditional twisted roll. In Galicia, the spiral of Galician Passover is prepared, whose ingredients and presentation varies slightly in the different provinces, but that finally are looked much like the classic king cake.

In order to put to us in task, we are going to know the list ingredients of this twisted roll prescription of Passover, very simple to prepare and with elements of all the life.

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